It’s Time to Rethink Luxury Real Estate

It’s Time to Rethink Luxury Real Estate

Coming to Honolulu around 2025, the 37-story Mandarin Oriental Hotel and Residences features 125 hotel rooms and 99 private residences on upper floors. Whether staying a night or purchasing a unit, this high-rise beauty provides a heavy handful of luxury that everyone should be able to experience.

Looking closer at the gigantic complex, the Residences include spaces with anywhere from two to four bedrooms and ranging from 1,450 to 3,700 square feet. All the way at the top are three breathtaking penthouses that can top 6,000 square feet. These exclusive residences will only be owned by 99 families in all of Honolulu.

In addition to residences and hotel rooms, Mandarin Oriental Honolulu features luxurious amenities as well. One of the 37 floors is dedicated entirely to the Mandarin Oriental spa, and another is reserved for events with bodacious double-height ballrooms, terraces, and world-class food services being served by one of five kitchens in the building. Other amenities in the hotel include private pools, a 15-seat theater with its own bar, indoor and outdoor dining, and a next-level golf simulator.

True luxury really does feel good.

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